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Early August 2015 Google rolled out a major change in the way “Local” search results were displayed and handled.

In a nutshell, here is what you need to remember so you can adjust your marketing:

  • Whether you are in the USA, Canada, Europe or South Africa, changes have been rolled out across all countries
  • The layout has changed significantly:
    • Only the Top 3 results displayed on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) – vs. up to 7 before
    • Displayed business info is more compact
    • Ratings and Reviews stand out even more
    • SERP displays can vary per business type (category)
    • Mobile searches: increase in the numbers of (paid) ads displayed
  • Impacts on your business:
    • Reduced traffic and leads if you are positioned beyond Top 3 results
      • Requires additional click on Map to view more business listings
    • Average Rating and Number of “Google Reviews” is even more critical to stand out from your competition and attract new “customers”
    • Mobile searches:
      • Local organic search results pushed further below Pay-Per-Click ads resulting in reduced visibility hence less traffic / leads and prospects
      • Requires increased paid ad (Adwords) spend to get same mobile search exposure

To read more details check out the following 2 articles:

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