Most businesses or clinics face competition. And sometimes a lot. “Going online”, “going social” and “going mobile” has brought many changes in consumers behavior, and the trend will only continue. In todays market place, nothing is fixed. So how do you meet and convince your ideal clients or patients to deal with you ?

The success of your business relies in a large part on your ability to market yourself efficiently. And that’s true whether you’re a firm, a clinic or another type of business. As a business owner, marketing and innovation are the only revenue generating parts of your company’s activity.

So if the lifeline of any business (firms, clinics, …etc) is to be able to generate new customers, how do you choose which marketing strategies work best for you ?

When not enough prospective clients and patients come across your “offer”, your operations dry up and your revenue stagnates or drops.

The same happens when prospects find you but prefer to work with your competition.

So in essence, your marketing efforts can be broken down into connecting with your potential customers, and “converting” them into active customers. When one of these components is missing your marketing is not producing tangible results for your business and you should stop and rethink your strategies.

I hear you saying: “we get all our new business from referrals, and we are doing ok with new customers”. If you’re currently generating all new clients/patients from referrals, you are leaving a lot of revenue on the table… And remember, we are in a rapidly changing environment, there will be new and probably more competition in the future, and not necessarily more prospects to feed the status quo. Waiting until you lose market share is not a wise business decision and could put your firm, clinic or business at risk.

Alchemy Marketing has been helping firms, clinics and businesses implement successful marketing strategies to generate leads and convert them into “customers”. Our team has been marketing since 2000, and over the years developed our Alchemy Formula to have your business Stand Out, Be Trusted and Generate More Business. We are using the power of lead generation systems, reputation marketing and marketing automation to transform our clients into powerful magnets in their local market.