Having started in helping business market themselves online in 2000, we have worked with many different industries, so-called “market niches”. Over time we have found that we could achieve better results for clients that had some common “features”. If you can identify with the following points, your business is likely going to see great improvement in your marketing results by implementing our alchemy marketing strategies.

We are typically working with law firms and clinics having 5 to 30 employees, with one to 5 locations to market. These clients had been marketing online before, but were either not getting the results they hoped for, or were focusing on developing “traffic” to their website through various methods (PPC, SEO, …) without addressing the critical need to differentiate and stand out from their competition. Almost all of these clients were outsourcing online marketing to a third party with various degrees of success.

If your “business” is dealing with at least 10 new clients (law firms and other businesses) or 40 new patients per month, then running our Reputation Alchemy formula on a monthly basis will give you the optimal results – consistently.