About Alchemy Marketing

clearwater-350x350Alchemy Marketing has been helping firms, clinics and businesses implement successful marketing strategies to generate leads and convert them into “customers”. Our team has been marketing since 2000, and over the years developed our Alchemy Formula to have your business Stand Out, Be Trusted and Get More Business.

We are using the power of lead generation systems, reputation marketing and marketing automation to transform our clients into powerful magnets in their local market.

  • online marketing since 2000
  • 7 dedicated team members
  • network of specialized & experienced contributors
  • continuous testing & optimization of marketing strategies
  • result focused
  • seriously client focused
  • responsive

“To be successful in todays marketplace and play a leading role, Internet has to be at the center of your business development. This is not to say you should not use other channels, but there are incredible processes, tools and online strategies that can propel a business to the forefront and accelerate its growth. If you’re not taking advantage of these, your competition will at some point. We constantly thrive to take advantage of these opportunities for our clients, so that they stand out and become leaders in their local markets.”

About our founder & CEO, Florian Werner

Florian Werner, founder, started marketing online in 2000, founding an SEO agency that helped SMB get to the top of search engines’ search results. Since then, he has built several successful online ventures, from specialized marketing consultancy services to selling physical goods online.

Being able to observe how businesses and consumers use the Internet over such a long period of time has allowed him to identify shifts in people’s purchase behavior, moving more and more to interactive and social networking behaviors.