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Reviews, Websites and Consumer Behavior

[2017 Consumer Survey] Do You Still Need a Business Website?

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We heard it before with social media: “Websites are dead! Now that Facebook has over 1.3 billion users (yes!), why bother building a website when most of your potential customers are engaging on that social media platform…”. Before throwing out the baby with the (stained) bathwater, let’s look in more detail at what the latest studies tell us about consumer behavior, and how that affects your business.

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August 2015 Changes in Google's Local Search Results

How latest changes in Google’s Local Search Results affect your business

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Early August 2015 Google rolled out a major change in the way “Local” search results were displayed and handled.

In a nutshell, here is what you need to remember so you can adjust your marketing:

  • Whether you are in the USA, Canada, Europe or South Africa, changes have been rolled out across all countries
  • The layout has changed significantly:
    • Only the Top 3 results displayed on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) – vs. up to 7 before
    • Displayed business info is more compact
    • Ratings and Reviews stand out even more
    • SERP displays can vary per business type (category)
    • Mobile searches: increase in the numbers of (paid) ads displayed
  • Impacts on your business:
    • Reduced traffic and leads if you are positioned beyond Top 3 results
      • Requires additional click on Map to view more business listings
    • Average Rating and Number of “Google Reviews” is even more critical to stand out from your competition and attract new “customers”
    • Mobile searches:
      • Local organic search results pushed further below Pay-Per-Click ads resulting in reduced visibility hence less traffic / leads and prospects
      • Requires increased paid ad (Adwords) spend to get same mobile search exposure

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