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Whether you embrace them or choose to ignore review sites, when it comes to the doctor review site with its estimated 2 millions monthly visitors, it would be a smart move to make it part of your practice development plan.

Here’s what you need to know about leveraging ratings:

  • doctor listings come up prominently in google searches for many doctors
  • negative reviews will instill doubt in potential patients
  • review strategy in a nutshell: a constant flow of positive patient reviews will help maximize your average rating and bury potential/occasional negative reviews
  • you can respond to any rating and should do so, especially when it’s not so good – just make sure to follow some proven guidelines
  • you can flag a negative review that you believe is false or defamatory to get it re-reviewed by the team – make sure to tell them why it should be removed
  • people can review you anonymously, and most will
  • through the Rating Manager (paid plan*), you can hide up to 3 ratings on your profile deemed suspicious. However, the actual rating connected to the hidden ones will still be represented in your overall star rating. You will also be able to feature a rating that will be displayed when you appear on top 10 lists.
  • use the Appointment Manager (paid plan*) to add a form to your profile page for your patients to easily request an appointment.
  • with a paid plan* you can remove competitors advertizing on your profile page

So, how are you handling your online reputation on Do you have other unanswered questions about Leave a comment below to let us know.

*While we mention paid plans we don’t necessarily endorse them; a doctors situation and goals should be analyzed on a case by case to determine if a paid plan is a good investment.

Find our content interesting? Share It.

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