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Every business needs leads. Shops & stores, clinics & doctors, law firms & lawyers, accountants and what not. While Adwords Pay-Per-Click ads have long been at the forefront of effective, measurable and scalable online lead generation strategies, Facebook has geared up and gets more and more attention.

In the end, what a business owner wants with an ideal lead generation strategy is to acquire “customers” at the cheapest price, and to be able to scale the “system”.

Before you stop reading and drift off to something else, bear with me for a bit longer. You’re soon going to understand where I am going with this.

So in this quest, we’re looking for a balance between cost / volume / quality of lead (some kind of pre-screening / pre-qualification – if possible). Each variable has its “say” in the end result. In other words, each is a factor in generating the end result: a “customer”.

You want an example? I have better. Introducing a case study by Karen James where she compared the results of an Adwords and a Facebook campaign. Read the full details here.


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